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Sketch, Paint and Click

Art speaks where words are unable to express.

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Hi, Welcome

I’m Anup Kushwaha, also known on social media as blackshadesofsmile. I’m a freelance artist with a wide art style. I specialise in different style of portrait artwork.

What are you looking for?

Whether you need ideal handmade gift or look to purchase prints of your favourite artwork, I’ve got you covered.


We make our customers happy.

" The quality of sketches and the professional delivery of the order is something I can vouch for. The offerings by black shades of smile are the perfect gifts for our loved ones with a personal touch. I was gifted a portrait of myself on my Birthday in 2019 and couldn’t believe that it was a handmade sketch…. This sketch has found its way into a frame on modest corner in my living room…Kudos to the people behind it ..keep spreading joy 😁✌🏽 "

Looking for inspiration?

Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on what I'm currently working on.


Contact Us


Please check my FAQs page before sending me your question. I get a lot of e-mails with questions, video topics, and other requests. Unfortunately, I can only respond to a fraction of them, so please make sure to check the FAQ prior to reaching out.

If your query is still not resolved, feel free to ping in chat window (right corner).

Business inquires

For business and collaboration inquiries, whether you're in need of artwork for your project or want to work with me on my social platforms, please contact me at

Please note that for personal custom order work use Order Now page or ping on Whatsapp using chat window (right corner)

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